Friday, April 30, 2010

Don Kissick – Libertarian candidate for Ohio’s 4th Congressional District – at a glance

Here are my positions on just some of the issues that are on the minds of Ohioans and Americans everywhere.

I will demand Congress begin returning the scope of the federal government within the constraints of the United States Constitution!

I oppose the government take-over of America’s health care industry! I will join other opponents of this unconstitutional endeavor in the undertaking to repeal it.

Also among my top priorities as a member of the House of Representatives will be to amend its parliamentary rules – especially the elimination of the once-obscure, so-called “Deem and Pass” rule that was used to circumvent the will of the people earlier this year to the tune of $1 trillion.

I will fight for dramatic cuts in federal spending across the board. Our current rate of government spending in all areas is unsustainable! This needs to be achieved by several courses of action:

- We need a Balanced Budget Amendment to the United States Constitution! As even some current members of Congress have admitted, not until We The People take the courageous step – via a constitutional amendment – to handcuff the executive and legislative branches will they finally control their appetites for wasteful consumption.

- I also believe this constitutional amendment ought to include an article outlining stringent spending restrictions for each fiscal year. Its guidelines should specify that once the federal budget has been passed no single discretionary spending legislation may exceed 1% of the original budget during its fiscal year; and total additional spending over the course of the fiscal year may not exceed 5% of the original fiscal year budget. Obviously, such spending measures may be passed only if there is enough tax revenue collected to cover those expenditures.

- Emergency spending measures which entail exceeding either limit detailed above should require more than two-thirds (or, preferably, three-fourths) of both houses of Congress to vote “Yea” in order to reach the President’s desk for signing.

- Also, I will not rest until the multitude of superfluous federal departments and agencies are put on a path of reduction in size aimed at their eventual elimination!

I will oppose all earmarks, whether or not a Balanced Budget Amendment and other spending limitation measures are ratified or passed! If such a constitutional amendment cannot be ratified in an expedient manner, then again I will pursue reforms to the House’s parliamentary rules – this time directed at drastically constraining the manner by which legislative amendments may be added to any and all bills.

I recognize the U.S. tax code is stifling our economy and must be drastically simplified! Depending on the font size and line spacing used, the entire tax code requires anywhere from 30,000 to 60,000 pages to print. We must institute a flat tax law which sets the federal tax rate at no more than 10% of taxable income. Individual taxable income, ideally, will be any personal income beyond $10,000. To keep the tax code fair, all tax shelters should be eliminated as a flat tax would render them unnecessary. A constitutional amendment would be the most effective means to ensure the federal government never abuses the power of taxation again.

I understand unequivocally the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act is unconstitutional and will work tirelessly to repeal it. Wiretapping and accessing business records without a court-ordered search warrant is a direct violation of the 4th Amendment.

I will work tirelessly for restoration of states’ rights and sovereignty in keeping with the 10th amendment!

I will defend our Second Amendment rights at every turn!

I will fight to end all other forms of government intrusion into individuals’ lives in accordance with the 9th and 10th amendments!

I will defend the lives of our unborn children – no exceptions!

I believe it is the individual who creates prosperity through innovation!

I believe it is individuals who can best decide for themselves how to live their lives and raise their families! The best way to defend traditional values is not through adding new, potentially poorly-written laws onto the books but by eliminating old, failed ones that have proven to exacerbate – not solve – society’s problems.

I acknowledge that even our current rate of military spending is unsustainable. At the same time, if we do not maintain the world’s strongest Armed Forces we will become increasingly vulnerable to aggression from foreign powers and especially from acts of terror by radical Islamic organizations.

- We must wrap-up our ongoing campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq. Nation building missions serve only to squander our military’s resources and needlessly endanger Americans’ lives. I say refocus our troops toward eliminating all insurgent threats and then bring our troops home!

- Then, we must begin closing much of our forward deployment bases and encampments beginning with those in Kyrgyzstan, Japan, South Korea, and Germany. Too many of our allies have been riding our Armed Forces’ coattails for far too long. Other overseas installation closures should follow on a case-by-case basis.

- The above two measures by themselves will save more than $200 billion every year without having to reduce the number of active duty military.

- All future military action of the nature we are seeing today must require a declaration of war by the United States Senate.

And, most importantly, I believe that America truly is One Nation Under God!

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