Friday, February 4, 2011

Fun with Senator Sherrod Brown

A friend of mine brought this survey to my attention at Senator Sherrod Brown's (D-OH) home page: "Where Do You Stand?"

Instead of pointlessly eating-up a lot of time recreating the site's contents I encourage you to click the link above, check out the questions and choices Senator Brown offers, and then come back to this tab to muse over my responses.

Being the infernal smartass that I am, I had to take advantage of the "Other" option and elaborate on the ways where Progressivism has gone terribly wrong.

Still, I love how in the main question -- regarding what are my economic concerns -- one of his choices is, "Big Bank Practices that Put Our Economy At Risk." If "Big Bank Practices" are so bad for American society, I'm wondering why Senator Brown voted to confirm former Goldman Sachs executive Tim Geithner as Treasury Secretary, nominated by President Barack Obama... But, as usual, I digress...

Back to the regularly scheduled program: for the question, I selected "Job Loss" and "Tax Reform" out of the available answers and then added in the "Other" section, "The excessive amount of regulation standing in the way of creation and expansion of businesses. Independent entrepreneurship has traditionally been the most effective path for the unemployed to emerge from recession conditions."

So-called Question 2 is how I'd like to hear back from Senator Brown (or, more likely one of his staffers hiding behind the anonymity offered by their Internet browser). Again, I opted for "Other" and stated my choice as "Phone." I then proceeded to type-in my cell phone number out of pure curiosity if someone will actually call me and take a chance on hearing what I have to say.

If they do, I'll likely feel compelled to press him or her on the whole Big Banking/Geithner thread. It ought to be a fun call.

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