Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Who are the sheep?

There is a video making its rounds on YouTube produced by a group calling itself Exposing Leftists.com where its participants can be seen circulating a petition calling for right wing political commentators to be taken off the air.

The petition isn't real. It's merely a prop to get people encountered on the campus of Cal. State-Fresno to say on-camera
1) they want to see such media personalities taken off the air to "limit their free speech" and
2) then at some point express their support of the First Amendment to the Constitution and the principle of Freedom of Speech.

As already stated above, all the while the conversations are taking place these people are (more than) agreeably signing a petition with the purported aim of removing select individuals from the airwaves and cable television.

At this point, I'll have to admit to being slightly torn on this... with emphasis on "slightly":

These people were being to some extent baited into participating in the fictitious petition. For the student-age individuals, they can be cut a sliver of slack (just a sliver)...

...Youthful exuberance and all that...

But (and there's usually a big "but" with me when I play devil's advocate on videos and other items of this nature) everyone near my age range or older – who were all in favor of somehow getting limits in place on anyone's access to the airwaves – has no excuse for being ignorant of the basic principles of free speech.

Just as importantly, this production reveals another glaring hypocrisy among those who lean this far to the left:

They love, revel-in, and pat each other on the back for labeling listeners and viewers of conservative commentators as "sheep"; however, with a little pandering to their sociopolitical sensibilities they will agreeably apply their signature to whatever you stick in front of them when it's under the auspices of taking from those whom they dislike.

Who are the sheep, exactly?

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