Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My 2 cents on a Facebook discussion about the Tea Party movement and how it relates to Libertarianism

Every now and then, I actually come up with something marginally intelligent. I figured that I better mark this one down so I have proof of it later.

In reply to a discussion that recently began building on a Facebook status update on fellow Libertarian Party member Charles Earl's profile Wall:

At some point, Libertarianism becomes the Holy Grail for those few who advocate civil liberties sans the social justice agenda and Lucifer to all who embrace the Progressive mantra -- Progressivism meaning that a select few who are properly educated and equal parts enlightened know whats better for the masses than the masses do.

However, until someone can devise an Orwellian system that successfully squashes all free will, it is Libertarianism's central component of free will for all citizens that will prove to be the most "enlightened" philosophy: that if we all truly are equal then we must be allowed the equal opportunity to learn from our mistakes and freely apply those lessens learned to better ourselves as individuals while applying those individual improvements to the benefit of society as a whole.

If all the current Progressive agenda items currently on the table with this Congress get passed, most of those who supported these measures will eventually realize how these so-called great ideas will have stripped them of their right to exercise free will. They may not necessarily be able to articulate why they hold their misgivings over society's transformation, but they will realize (even if subconsciously) that it is not only the power of deductive reasoning that separates humanity from the rest of the animal kingdom, it is our free will of thought that ultimately makes us human.

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