Sunday, March 7, 2010

Resolve in the face of turmoil

This morning I was reading a discussion thread at the Libertarian Party of Ohio group’s Wall on Facebook. One member expressed adamant concern over comments by another about their reason for supporting the Libertarian Party. The first person interpreted several statements to mean they saw our party as vehicle to drive the Republican Party to reform itself.

Such concerns are valid – it would be irresponsible to dismiss them. But, there is the undeniable fact what has drawn a number of former Republicans to the Libertarian Party has been the manner in which that party failed to live up to its rhetoric.

We all should bear in mind the Libertarian Party will need to draw (former) members of the two major parties in order to grow in size. While those who view themselves as Independents always are vital to any political movement, we will not be able to bring all of them into our camp. Many independents still view government as serving as a source of solutions to the issues America faces – as opposed to individuals achieving these results.

Ultimately, there are three key points that have led people who used to identify themselves with another party to gravitate our direction.

Simply put, you cannot have fiscal responsibility while simultaneously introducing or supporting Big Government legislation. The two philosophies are mutually exclusive of each other. The Republican Party is proven themselves to be a glaring fraud on that front.

What makes the Libertarian Party great is that at the same time as demanding government at all levels tighten its belt, we also stand behind the principle of defending civil liberties by means of ending government intrusion into individuals’ lives.

That used to be the supposed domain of the Democratic Party. However, they also have demonstrated themselves to be equally fraudulent in that arena by virtue of introducing various laws designed to make the very thoughts in our heads criminally punishable.

Obviously, both of those parties have promoted and engaged in diminishing the sovereignty of the several states.

Those who reserve concerns about the Libertarian Party becoming a reincarnation of one of the two major parties are absolutely right to harbor those sentiments.

My counter argument to statements about leaving our party centers on a Revolutionary era concept. If at anytime you believe Libertarianism is being co-opted by those who once identified themselves with either major party, instead of walking away from the Libertarian Party march to the front of it and demand that those who would attempt to steer us away from our core principles answer for themselves! Demand of those individuals that they explain and defend their efforts to shift the party’s platform toward ideas and efforts that stand in contradiction of what true Libertarianism has always been.

We are about returning America to our Constitutional principles and ideals. Whenever any one of us strays from this mission, do not turn your back on them and begin drifting away. Stand face-to-face and eye-to-eye with that individual without hesitation and air your grievances with them!

Trusting in One Nation Under God,

Don Kissick, Libertarian candidate for Ohio's 4th Congressional District

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