Monday, November 21, 2011

Amendments I'd like to see ratified

So, who’s ready to fire-up an Article V Convention?!

The following brainstorms do not necessarily need to be ratified in order. The progression presented is the result of my own cursory perspective on how best to implement the necessary steps for reining-in the federal government’s power.

Amendment XXVIII

Section 1. The seventeenth article of amendment to the Constitution of the United States is hereby repealed. United States Senators shall be selected by the legislatures of the several States. No Senator shall serve more than two terms in that office.
Section 2. Members of the House of Representatives shall be elected to no more than six terms in that office.

Amendment XXIX

Section 1. In light of historical abuses by the Congress and by the President of the power to regulate commerce among the several States, as contained in Article I, Section 8, third clause, of this Constitution, a proper and expanded definition of this clause has become necessary.
Section 2. The power to regulate commerce among the several States shall refer to the authority to ensure goods, services, and any other marketable commerce be able to be offered, bought, and transported across State lines without barriers of law created by any State’s legislature or directive from any State’s executive branch.

Amendment XXX

Section 1. The Congress is hereby prohibited from abdicating or conceding its Constitutional authorities, as established in Article I, Section 8 of this Constitution, to the President.
Section 2. The establishment or chartering of a central banking authority by the Congress or President, including any which exist at the time of the ratification of this article, is hereby prohibited.

Amendment XXXI

Section 1. The sixteenth article of amendment to the Constitution of the United States is hereby repealed.
Section 2. The Internal Revenue Service, whose establishment was made possible by the Sixteenth Amendment, is hereby abolished. The United States Tax Code as it stands at the time of ratification of this article is null and void.
Section 3. In place of the tax code, taxation shall be executed through a 10 percent flat tax on a minimum annual income threshold beyond $25,000. In the same year as determination of the enumeration for the House of Representatives, Congress shall have the authority to adjust the minimum income threshold by increments of no less than $5,000. This minimum income threshold may be reduced only upon such occasion as increases in the value of the United States currency necessitates.
Section 4. No police powers shall be exercised by any tax agency, established by the Treasury or any other Department of the United States government. Upon suspicion of noncompliance by a taxpayer, said agency may only collect delinquent taxes due to the Treasury, through confiscation, after attaining a warrant from a court upon completion of due process for that taxpayer.

Amendment XXXII

Neither the Congress through legislation nor the President through regulations from executive order shall make laws prohibiting the use, possession, cultivation, or commerce of naturally occurring intoxicants.

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