Saturday, September 8, 2012

An open letter to anyone trying to dissuade me

How can I tell we're in the home stretch before the election?

That's easy: the pace of Republicans posting, commenting, and messaging in social media is picking-up regarding voting Libertarian.

A few are genuine in their patriot-to-patriot approach to the subject (such as the individual to whom I replied with the comments below) and handle the banter with respect while others are behaving amusingly like Democrats.

To all of you, no matter your level of civility, I will not waiver.

The problem is nothing will change under a Romney Administration. He may refrain from abusing Executive Order power to the extreme that President Barack Obama has...

But, in the end, nothing in terms of government size, approach to government intervention in the economy and all other aspects of "domestic policy," deficits, and encouraging unconstitutional dependence upon government by the people will change.

It will only have a right-wing slant intead of Obama's extreme slant to the left.

What Romney is going to do, if elected, is leave all the government power structures in place for the next Obama-ite who is nominated to unseat or succeed him.

And then it will be the same intellectually dishonest arguments all over again: "We can't let that guy get elected so you mustn't vote third party..."

And the cycle will continue until our children and grandchildren have witnessed how we allowed Friedrich Hayek's "The Road To Serfdom" to go from a book on politics and economics into a prophecy.

I'm taking a stand now... Now and for the remainder of my time on this Earth.

The only "wasted vote" is one cast for someone you don't believe in.


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