Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Early observations on Massachusetts

I know a lot of conservatives are excited about the prospect of Massachusetts State Senator Scott Brown being elected to the U.S. Senate. Polling information I've been seeing in various online news articles has been suggesting as much as a double-digit lead for him over Massaschusetts Attorney General Martha "Oops did I really say that?" Coakley.

One thing I've learned about Mr. Brown, unfortunately, is that his track record on Life vs. choice is less than stellar. Just to be clear and up-front on where I stand, I am Pro-Life.

I fear Brown's election to the Senate is continuing the metamorphosis trend of the Republicans becoming Democrat/Progressive-lite, further blurring what used to be clear distinctions between the two major parties: such as with John McCain campaigning in favor of Cap & Trade in 2008.

Why is it that we can't get away from having candidates who "we need to win" a particular election but whose victory means we are forced to tolerate compromises on those issues that go beyond what are our values and threaten the very sanctity of our souls?!

This is why I have become a Libertarian and chosen to run for Congress: I refuse to compromise when it comes to my values and principles. Political expediency be damned!

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