Friday, January 15, 2010

Ohio 2010 gubernatorial race will be interesting

Today's newspaper was an interesting read. In the Region & Ohio section we initially get an eyeful of an AP article about Republican John Kasich's 10-year plan for phasing-out Ohio's income tax.

In this piece, before we get to read former representative Kasich's defense of his plan, we are presented with paragraph after paragraph of what detractors of the plan have to say. In particular, we are informed of all the predicted shortfalls in revenue this has the potential to create as well as reminded of all the recent budget battles resulting from revenue shortfalls as the economy continues to hobble along, money struggles for our libraries, and other tales of fiscal woe.

What I found entertaining was when I turned the page to see the headline that General Motors is unlikely to reopen its Ohio plants the company has closed over the last two years. The same article includes Ohio's incumbent Democratic Governor Ted Strickland discussing how our state will need to work toward bringing new industries to fill the void of jobs that GM will be leaving our state.

As I was reading the article centering on Kasich's tax phase-out plan I'll have to admit I had my doubts as to how much support he can realistically expect as the year progresses toward November's election.

But the transitional thought at this point between the two stories is a simple one. Ohio cannot get its budget needs straight and states in this position are far less appealing to prospective companies seeking new locations to open a factory, office, or other operation. What would make Ohio a more compelling place to do business is making it a more affordable place to do business: which is precisely what Kasich's plan would accomplish.

But, my general disgust for the two-party system in America has me looking at Kasich's shortcomings, in particular his voting record that leans toward gun control.

Strickland has been all over the political map, working so hard to look more like a Republican after the public displeasure over his support of the public smoking ban in 2007.

So, in the end I'll stick to my original plan which is to vote for Ken Matesz, the Libertarian candidate for Governor of Ohio.

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