Monday, January 18, 2010

Finals thoughts before tomorrow's election in Massachusetts

First and foremost, if I were a Massachusetts resident I would vote for Joe Kennedy. I tire of the discussions insinuating (or outright proclaiming) voting for an independent or third-party candidate is a wasted vote.

This mantra of compromising our principles and voting to avoid "the worse candidate" winning must end. This is how we were stuck with having to choose between Clinton and Dole, Bush and Gore, Bush and Kerry, and Obama and McCain.

Having said that, the reality is Scott Brown probably will win. Kennedy is drawing support from both disaffected Democrats as well as Republicans -- that and Martha Coakley's professional skeletons and befuddling ways lately have been adding to her undoing.

Ultimately, the polling numbers coming from Massachusetts illustrates the Libertarians who have the best shot at winning in this coming November are the ones who are entering the political fray out of the Tea Party movement. More and more people are tired of hearing from established politicians and want someone with zero in the way of connections.

As a whole, we Libertarians need to be quick to point out that our party is rising despite the absence of lobby money flowing into our coffers. If there ever was a viable selling point, that is it!

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